Films by Under 18

These short films are a product of the 5-day filmmaking workshops, held in 10 schools in Lahore and Faisalabad. The workshops were designed to explore gender experiences of children as well as equip them with basic filmmaking skills.


Cycle Warrior

4 months ago

Being shamed for riding a bicycle because she is a girl, the cycle warrior finds her confidence back when her mother needs her help.Thi...


Colours of Sakhi - "Sakhi kay Rang"

11 months ago

A boy with a dream to become a make-up artist? How daunting can that be for the stereotypical society? Sakhi shares how he can’t wait t...


Magical Glasses - Jadui Ainak

3 months ago

What seems like ordinary glasses, turn out to be a thought-provoking reality check.This short film is a part of ‘Equally Loud’ proj...


Brave Meerab - Ba'himmat Meerab

1 month ago

Bullied for selling glasses after school to pay her fees, Meerab proves that struggle and hard work never go in vain.This short film is...

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